Education and Achievements

(Evidence of all certifications are available upon request if required. )

· OCN Level 4 Behaviour Consultations, Foundations and Functions of Behaviour (*In Progress*)

· OCN Level 3 Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement (IMDT; Accredited Distance Learning Course)

· 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT; In Person Practical Course)

· Loose Lead Walking (IMDT; In Person Practical Course)

· Recall Training (IMDT; In Person Practical Course)

· Canine Body Language (IMDT; One Day Webinar)

· Red Flag Behaviours - Canine Emotional Health (IMDT; Webinar)

· Canine Body Language (Dog Training College; Seminar)

· Calmness Rocks (Dog Training College; Seminar)

· DogLaw with Trevor Cooper (Online Seminar)

· Canine Compulsive Disorder (Canine Principles)

· New Puppy Consultation (Canine Principles)

· Canine Calmness (Canine Principles)

· Canine Communication - The Language of a Species(Canine Principles)